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Guano Padano; Americana

I don’t really know how to classify Guano Padano’s Americana, but this is usually a good thing. There are so many factors here, so many reasons I can give to urge you to take notice of… Continue reading

Spiro; Welcome Joy Welcome Sorrow

‘Dancing music, music sad, both together, sane and mad’ John Keats. While this isn’t exclusively a film-music blog, I’m drawn towards cinematic music which is why I’ve been swept away with Welcome Joy Welcome Sorrow, the… Continue reading

Bitchin Bajas; unknown and unknowable

I’ve never been on trend, but it turns out Bitchin Bajas is a new release and I don’t normally rush into writing a post but I’m excited about this record. Research is what writers do,… Continue reading

Bohren and der Club of Gore

The name sounds a bit frightening, especially when you know that ‘bohren’ means ‘drill’ in German, and when you find out that the band comprises of Thorsten Benning, Morten Gass, Robin Rodenberg and Reiner… Continue reading

Shannon Graham and the Storytellers

Lots of  instrumental artists send me links to their music and while much of it is very nice, it’s difficult to decide what I should cover. But when Shannon Graham sent me a… Continue reading

Doom and Gore

This post started out as a profile on Sunn O))) – Stephen O’Malley, Greg Anderson and sometimes Hungarian vocalist Attila Csihar. They play doom metal and picked up where Earth left off during… Continue reading

Earth and Mt Eerie

I met with Phil Elverum from Mt Eerie on Sunday night, he’s doing a tour and was playing the Union Chapel in London. I interviewed him for the guys at TOKAFI. While I… Continue reading

Why is Postrock a Dirty Word?

Got sent a link to this band’s site recently, they’re called Capillaries and they’re from Atlanta, GA. Their music is indeed instrumental and I wondered if I am allowed to call it post… Continue reading

Album Review: Fantomas The Director’s Cut

Fantômas is the name of a famous anti-hero created in 1911. Appearing in the French fiction series of Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre, Fantômas became an influential character in not only literary culture… Continue reading

Dirty Three

A change of pace from the recent look at piano and string based instrumental music, the Dirty Three are a three piece band from Melbourne, Australia. Made up of  Warren Ellis (violin), Mick… Continue reading