Earth and Mt Eerie


I met with Phil Elverum from Mt Eerie on Sunday night, he’s doing a tour and was playing the Union Chapel in London. I interviewed him for the guys at TOKAFI. While I waited for him to arrive I chatted with some guys from the headlining band, Earth, namely Dylan Carlson and for this tour, Karl Blau. They were nice guys and kept me company while I waited around in the back room of the Union Chapel, which is a working church and more importantly, an excellent venue.

I asked Dylan if he hated interviews and he said, ‘It’s better than coal mining’. He seemed to have a very down to earth approach to the necessary evils of self promotion. He was pleased to see some new socks sitting on one of the tables set up for the rider. There were also fresh towels. I laughed at his appreciation of socks, wondering why he was so happy about seeing them there. He said ‘there’s three things you got to have in the rider, socks, cigarettes and batteries.’

Lori Goldston wandered in eventually and picked up a few of the sandwiches on the table. She was looking for low fat ones without success and so picked up a capsicum and bit into it like an apple. I’ve never seen anyone eat a pepper like that. She was saying it’s hard to eat well on the road.

Karl Blau was funny. He is really tall and was wearing a navy style knitted jumper with epaulets and he looked like a school teacher. He was joking around saying that I could interview him if Phil didn’t show up. He said he’d known Phil since high school and knows everything there is to know about him. I asked him how they met and he seemed to get all embarrassed and mentioned them being in some really dumb bands in high school together. Later Karl got on the little piano in the room and started playing around. I realised I was in the room with a bunch of really accomplished musicians. Earth must put on one hell of a show.

Phil finally turned up and we got started on our interview. I just kept it casual and we chatted about what he’s listening to and reading at the moment. After about half and hour we had to take a break so he could do his sound check, but he was only gone for ten minutes or so, as he is touring solo. When he came back, other journos had turned up and were interviewing Lori and Dylan, and it was getting noisy. So he grabbed a sandwich and we found somewhere quiet. We ended up in the front foyer of the church and I got out my dicta-phone. It turned out well. He’s a really nice guy. Easy going and very happy to talk about his music and his influences.

But I’m not going to reveal anything here, you’ll have to wait for the interview. I’ll post a link when it goes live.

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