Review: Hibernate and Home Normal Christmas Show

In a recent review I wrote for German music website Tokafi, I was sent along to Hibernate And Home Normal‘s Christmas show at The Victoria in London’s super cool suburb of Dalton. The show included performers Wil Bolton, Ithaca Trio, Machinefabriek, Konntinent, Isnaj Dui, Talvihorros and The Boats. It was an amazing experience, read about it here.

Please visit Tokafi, a fantastic website for anyone who loves music of all kinds. They have a great mission statement about how they’re trying to rise above the current state of music journalism and break down the barriers between the ‘classical’ and ‘rock’ worlds. ‘After all: Music is a form of human expression, and as such it can elevate your mind and broaden your horizon – if you only rid yourself of expectations and the constant urge to qualify as “bad” all the sounds that merely don’t appeal to you. Come with us on a journey and discover your music!’

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