Soundtrack: Stranger Things

Aaron Cooper wrote on Bearded Gentleman Music, that nostalgia has become a counter-cultural juggernaut because of the Internet. “Instead of relying on a fragmented, often romanticized memory, you have the best and the worst of… Continue reading

An Interstellar Love Letter to Hans Zimmer

It’s not often that a film score like Interstellar comes along and when one does it’s usually written by Hans Zimmer. Granted, I don’t watch as many movies as I used to and age… Continue reading

Fricatives, Sibilance and Sonorance; singing without words

Legend has it that it all started with Louis Armstrong in 1926. In the late 30’s the BBC banned its use on air, believing it lacked respectability. But in fact, scat singing had been around long before… Continue reading

Soundtrack: Mad Max

I watched Mad Max for the first time last week. I liked it. A lot. It has that same callow honesty as many other Australian films made around the time of the great film-grant plunder of the… Continue reading

Rock Stars and Film Scores

‘We’d watch the film together, and he’d pause the film at a certain point and say ‘Look at [that character’s] face here. Write some music about that expression.’  Johnny Greenwood Over the last… Continue reading

Film and Music Collaborators

It’s not surprising that the collaborations between film directors and composers has resulted in some of the greatest films across all genres and from all corners of the globe. Emotive, powerful and versatile, music… Continue reading


I had the privilege of previewing one of Waxworks‘ latest releases this week; Taxi Driver by Bernard Herrmann. I’ve reviewed this and the new Stylotone release of Twisted Nerve, also by Bernard Herrmann… Continue reading

Guano Padano; Americana

I don’t really know how to classify Guano Padano’s Americana, but this is usually a good thing. There are so many factors here, so many reasons I can give to urge you to take notice of… Continue reading

Spiro; Welcome Joy Welcome Sorrow

‘Dancing music, music sad, both together, sane and mad’ John Keats. While this isn’t exclusively a film-music blog, I’m drawn towards cinematic music which is why I’ve been swept away with Welcome Joy Welcome Sorrow, the… Continue reading

The Horror

For me, the most powerful moment of a horror film is when the action goes beyond sensorial experience. It’s the moment when the thing you are seeing is unleashed from the image and runs… Continue reading

The Spirited Music of Britain

Before you settle in to read this post, hit play on this track called The Hidden Door by Belbury Poly, otherwise known as Eric Zann, otherwise known as Jim Jupp. It won’t surprise you that Jupp’s alias… Continue reading

Bitchin Bajas; unknown and unknowable

I’ve never been on trend, but it turns out Bitchin Bajas is a new release and I don’t normally rush into writing a post but I’m excited about this record. Research is what writers do,… Continue reading